Critical Acclaim for 'Spartanische Pimpfe'

Helen’s article ‘”Spartanische Pimpfe”: The Importance of Sparta in the Educational Ideology of the Adolf Hitler Schools’, in Sparta in Modern Thought, ed. Stephen Hodkinson, Ian Macgregor Morris (Swansea: Classical Press of Wales), has been acclaimed as a ‘lucid analysis’ by the Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

The reviewer, Professor Ephraim David, writes: ‘Helen Roche…discusses the educational aspect of Nazi laconomania, focusing on a (pseudo-) history textbook devised to indoctrinate the Party’s and country’s future leaders during their ‘Spartan’ upbringing in the Adolf-Hitler-Schulen. Her lucid analysis reveals the manipulative ways in which this manual distorted Spartan history as an inspiring (but also warning) lesson in the service of propaganda…’

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