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Month: January 2012

'"Spartanische Pimpfe": The Importance of Sparta in the Ideology of the Adolf Hitler Schools'

in Sparta in Modern Thought. Politics, History and Culture, ed. Stephen Hodkinson, Ian Macgregor Morris, Swansea (Classical Press of Wales) 2012, pp. 315-42.

This article explores the ways in which an ancient history textbook by the well-known archaeologist and educator Otto-Wilhelm von Vacano, entitled 'Sparta: The Life-Struggle of an Aryan Master Race', was used to encourage pupils at the Adolf Hitler Schools to identify with young Spartans, and to see Spartan history in proto-National Socialist terms.Read more...

Spartan Youth vs. the Spartacists? Ideas of ‘Sparta' as ideological weapons in Germany's battle against Social Democracy (1900-1925)
Presented at the first Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Reception of the Ancient World (AMPRAW), University College London, 16 December 2011.

N.B. For a list of talks given before December 2011, please click here.Read more...

'"Spartanische Pädagogik deutscher Art": The influence of Sparta on the Royal Prussian Cadet Schools (1818-1920)'

in Das antike Sparta, ed. Anton Powell, Vassiliki Pothou, Stuttgart (Franz Steiner Verlag), 2017, pp. 157-180.

Based on an abridged version of the third and fourth chapters of the author's doctoral thesis, this article provides a useful summary of those findings which concern laconophilia in the Royal Prussian Cadet Corps. The paper on which the article is based was first presented at a conference of the International Sparta Seminar which took place at Regensburg University in September 2009.Read more...

'Spartanische Pimpfe'

Helen’s article ‘"Spartanische Pimpfe": The Importance of Sparta in the Educational Ideology of the Adolf Hitler Schools’, has been published in Sparta in Modern Thought, ed. Stephen Hodkinson, Ian Macgregor Morris (Swansea: Classical Press of Wales).

For more information and to read an abstract, click here.

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Classics Confidential Interview

On 11th November 2011, Helen was interviewed by Dr. Jessica Hughes of Classics Confidential, the Open University’s vodcasting site for Classical ‘news, gossip and curiosities’.Read more...