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Month: October 2019

'Die Klosterschule Ilfeld als Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt'

in Die Klosterkammer Hannover 1931-1955: Eine Mittelbehörde zwischen wirtschaftlicher Rationalität und Politisierung, ed. Detlef Schmiechen Ackermann et al., Göttingen (Wallstein), 2018, 605-626.

This chapter delineates the history of the Klosterschule in Ilfeld, and its transformation into a Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt (Napola). The Klosterkammer Hannover's role in the running of the school and its support of the Napola after 1935 is explored, as well as its involvement with other putative Napola foundation projects. Read more...

New Book Review: The Oxford Illustrated History of the Third Reich

Helen's review of The Oxford Illustrated History of the Third Reich, edited by Robert Gellately (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017), has just been published in History journal.Read more...