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Month: May 2024

IAS Major Project: IAS Major Project: 'Abusing Antiquity? Classics and the Contemporary Far Right'


The rise in visibility of the global far right over the last ten years has led to many scholarly discussions of how extremist narratives are formulated and circulated. This project aimed to interrogate one particular strand within such right-wing narratives: the use of ancient Greece and Rome – a topic which has not yet received comprehensive investigation.

In taking on this important and deeply unsettling form of classical reception, we also sought to how disciplinary structures have themselves been complicit in producing and reproducing politicised narratives about the ancient world.Read more...

Third Book Project: The Allure of FascismThird Book Project: The Allure of Fascism


Helen's third monograph, The Allure of Fascism: Why Interwar Europe Thought that Fascism was the Future, 1919-1939, is under contract with trade publisher Head of Zeus.

Aimed at a popular audience, the book will explore diaries and other egodocuments from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, seeking to understand why ordinary people were attracted to fascism as an ideology, a political system, and a way of life.Read more...

New Publications on German Perceptions of ItalyNew Publications on German Perceptions of Italy

Helen has recently published two new articles in the leading historical journals Ricerche Storiche and European History Quarterly; 'Italiani Cattiva Gente? Anti-Italian Stereotypes and the Obfuscation of War Crimes in German Perpetrator Narratives from the Italian Theatre of War' (with Dario Pasquini), and 'Nazi Elite-School Pupils as Youth Ambassadors Between Fascist Italy and the Third Reich'.Read more...