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Month: August 2018

New Book Review: 'Making Prussians, Making Germans'

Helen's review of Making Prussians, Raising Germans: A Cultural History of Prussian State-Building after Civil War, 1866-1935, by Jasper Heinzen (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017) has recently appeared in German History.Read more...

New Publication: New Publication: 'Schulische Erziehung und Entbürgerlichung'

Helen's article 'Schulische Erziehung und Entbürgerlichung' has just been published in a volume edited by Norbert Frei, entitled Wie bürgerlich war der Nationalsozialismus?.

This article uses the elite education provided by the Napolas, the Third Reich's most prominent elite schools, as a case study of the manifold ways in which elements of a bürgerlich habitus were cultivated during the Third Reich, despite the Nazi movement’s claims to embody socialist principles.Read more...