New Publication: 'Blüte und Zerfall'

Helen’s article, Blüte und Zerfall: “Schematic Narrative Templates” of decline and fall in völkisch and National Socialist racial ideology’, has just been published by Berghahn books in a volume entitled The Persistence of Race: Continuity and Change in Germany from the Wilhelmine Empire to National Socialism, edited by Lara Day and Oliver Haag.

Reviews of the volume thus far:

“This is an impressively coherent and highly engaging volume. Although it covers ostensibly well-trodden ground, it offers numerous insights and makes thought-provoking connections into a variety of fields in which ‘race’ is significant. Each chapter offers a stimulating read and provides much food for thought.” · Dan Stone, Royal Holloway, University of London

“This edited volume is a welcome addition to existing scholarship on the German history of race. By focusing on cultural narratives in the crucial period between 1871 and 1945, and by incorporating global and transnational insights, the volume sets itself apart from previous work.” · Tuska Benes, College of William & Mary