Outreach in 2021-22

This year saw numerous media reports and broadcasts surrounding the publication of Helen’s second book, The Third Reich’s Elite Schools: A History of the Napolas, in November 2021 (you can find a partial list below).

Helen also contributed two articles on Napola exchanges with British public schools and U.S. academies to the public-facing blog The Conversation.

Subsequent presentations included a guest lecture to pupils at Brentwood School and an in-person book-launch at Durham Castle.

In addition, Helen contributed two articles entitled ‘Founding of the Napolas in Austria’ and ‘Bundeserziehungsanstalten / Staatserziehungsanstalten’ to the public-facing online Encyclopedia of Contemporary Austrian History, compiled by the Austrian House of History (Haus der Geschichte Österreich) in October 2021.

Helen also provided historical consultancy for author Debbie Cadbury on a trade book entitled The School that Escaped the Nazis (2022).

Finally, Helen’s work on ‘Sparta and the Nazis’ was featured on The Ancients, a History Hit podcast, while her research on everyday life under Nazism was featured in four episodes of the Real Dictators podcast series on Hitler.




  • ‘Nazis usaram colégios britânicos como modelo para criar escolas de elite’, Jornal de Noticias (Portugal), 17 November 2021.