"Deconstructing Sparta": Distance-Learning Course at Leicester University

Helen has recently contributed to a distance-learning course which is currently offered by the University of Leicester, entitled ‘Deconstructing Sparta’. The coursebook contains ten thematic chapters, which aim to synthesise the most up-to-date scholarship on Sparta in an engaging and readable fashion. The chapters also include guides to further reading, study questions, and notes towards further exploration of the topic in question.

Helen’s chapter, entitled ‘Later Reception and Modern Recreation of Sparta’, charts the development of Spartan reception through the ages, focusing in particular on developments during the French Revolution, in Prussia, Nazi Germany, and in twentieth-century U.S. popular culture.

A full table of contents for the module can be found below:

Chapter 1 – Issues of the Module

Chapter 2 – The Creation of Sparta

Chapter 3 – Being a Spartan

Chapter 4 – Lakedaimonian Religion

Chapter 5 – Sparta in Lakedaimon

Chapter 6 – Sparta and the Peloponnese, 600-300 BC

Chapter 7 – Archaic-Classical Sparta and the World outside the Peloponnese

Chapter 8 – Spartan Women

Chapter 9 – Hellenistic and Roman Sparta

Chapter 10 – Later Reception and Modern Recreation of Sparta

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