Private perspectives on Gewalt and Herrschaft in National Socialist Germany

On 14 October 2016, Helen hosted a DAAD-funded workshop on “Private perspectives on Gewalt and Herrschaft in National Socialist Germany” at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Speakers included Moritz Föllmer (University of Amsterdam) on “Power and Privacy in the Third Reich” and Janosch Steuwer (University of Zürich) on “Voting in Hitler’s Consensus Dictatorship”.

The workshop is part of a series on Gewalt and Herrschaft from the Kaiserreich to the Berlin Republic”, organised by an interdisciplinary group of researchers and funded by the DAAD Hub Initiative at the University of Cambridge; its aim is to develop new perspectives on the political theory and practice of various aspects of statehood, governance, power and violence in the different German states from 1871 to the present.